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  2. Hallo, ich habe ein DIagnosestecker von 1A-DIAG OBD2 USB Interface mit KLine unterst├╝tzung. Carport erkennt diesen jedoch nicht, andere software jedoch schon. Einige Jahre zuvor habe ich den Stecker bereits erfolgreich mit Carport genutzt, wo kann hier das problem sein?
  3. No, it is not supported. For manufacturer specific (VAG) diagnostics with access to all control units, please use one of the following interfaces: AutoDia K509 K+CAN Commander 1.4 CP compact KKL-Interface (for K-Line only, no CAN-Bus support)
  4. Is the Scantool OBDLink SX USB OBD Adapter ( https://www.scantool.net/obdlink-sx/ ) supported by Carport? It doesn't seem to get detected, even if I select the COM Port manually.
  5. Well, this is not an old computer, it's an entry level computer from 2018 and it has a SSD. I don't think everybody uses a high-end PC for car diagnostics as there is normally no need for it, the OBD data transfer speed can be handled by any old computer. Anyway it was just a suggestion to make the installation process more friendly, I don't mind to wait 40 minutes for the installation but the progressbar should not stall, that's confusing for the user.
  6. On a modern computer (Core i5 with SSD) it takes less than a minute.
  7. Ok, I tried again and after about 40 minutes the installation completed successfully. Maybe there should be some warning that the last part could take very long.
  8. I waited about 10-15 minutes, but this is an entry-level Intel Atom x5-Z8300 based laptop with 4GB RAM, so maybe I should try waiting longer? I will try again.
  9. An internet connection is not required. At this point of the installation it may take a few minutes, depending on your computer hardware. Did you wait a little longer?
  10. This is what the task manager show when the installation stalls:
  11. I just tried to install the current free Carport version on a Windows 10 Home 64bit laptop but the installation always stalls at about 90% of the installation process. Tried a few times, with and without the optional drivers and tried also English and German the result is always the same. The laptop has enough free disk space (15 GB on the C drive where i try to install Carport). Does it need an Internet connection during installation or what else could be stalling the installation? My laptop is not connected to any network. This screenshot shows the point where the installation stalls:
  12. I need to reset my power steering module on a SEAT Ibiza 2014 FR, it was disabled in an accident, does anyone know if the CarPort software can do this. thanks
  13. Is there any way to erase all fault codes at once?
  14. Hi, the fault code went off on its own. The car's own self-diagnosis program removes it when it finds that everything is fine. Need to drive quite a lot, maybe about 1000km.
  15. Have you resolved it? I got the same fault on an Audi A4 2.0 TDI 2016
  16. Hello, I also have a problem, I forgot the activation code of obd2-u the one with orange usb. can I still find the cd-key if I lost the sheet with it?
  17. Hello, Recently put my car through its mot it's needing a set of rear pads going to fit them this weekend just wondering if carport can put the EPB into service mode. Thank you!
  18. Ok, that's unfortunate. Thanks for the quick reply!
  19. CarPort does currently not support wifi/bluetooth interfaces for manufacturer specific diagnostics.
  20. I was just curious is there a interface I can purchase over here that's wifi or bluetooth? I have the K+Can Commander 1.4 currently and it works good but just looking for something wireless.
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