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  1. Look, if you are going to create an update to 2.0, you need to tell buyers like myself that I will have to reactivate the software to use full version. I am not buying this again and I no longer even have the activation code. Your update really should automatically do this! I should not have to reactivate for an upgrade. Since I do not know my code, send me a new activation code. I bought this over a year ago, do you really think I will recall what the code is???? perry moore, USA
  2. Is the AGV 4000 connector the same as the Commander K+Can 1.4? if not, where is the AGV found?
  3. If your product is software only, then, I think the website is very misleading. You offer the software free to download and then show photos of various connectors with the "buy" option button. I thought I was getting the connector 4000B for OBD2+Can plus the basic software. So, what I paid for was the Basic software and not the free software? Is the only difference between the two is that one has a "key" to unlock the free version so you can remove DTCs? Why don't you make this clear on the website and why do you show photos of connectors then, if you do not sell them?
  4. Having just ordered the OBD2+Can for my 06 VW, I have the software downloaded. How long will I have to wait for the connector cable? Are you familiar with Ross-tech, which also does the same thing as your product does but is much more expensive. Is the quality the same?
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