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  1. If I download beta version, received new serial number this beta programm..? I know now, I bought KKL-basic version license. But perhaps I need KKL/CAN version, that adaption succesfull. Ii not good thing,I lost my money.
  2. Why can not I do with this program egr valve adjustment ( adaptation )..? And also in the carburetor adjustment ( adaptation ) is not possible.
  3. Well, now is the payment made Shadow of the basic KKL-module. Now to wait for a license code. Regards Mauri
  4. Thank you for your excellent help. Tomorrow the liver that KKL version of the license. Hardly anyone dealing with my order on Sunday. Kindly: Mauri
  5. Yes, I can get a connection to the car, but no fault codes, I can not remove this demo version. I have bought a new car accessory part (EGR valve), and according to the manufacturer (Pierburg), this part must adapt. Can this demo version in any way to say this valve operation ..? I suspect that my car might be a wiring fault, or the ECU itself is http://www.worldcarparts.co.uk/Store/tabid/667/CategoryID/548/List/1/Level/a/productid/6516/Default.aspx
  6. I have downloaded the computer CarPort 2.0.0 beta. I watched my car information.Volkswagen Golf 1.6 16V (AZD) Year model 2001. How I can do adaption EGR valve.? I have a KKL cable USB/OBD2. The program that I downloaded CARPORT 2.0.0 beta indicate that the EGR is not supported ...? What, therefore, the module ordering from you ..? I'm writing from Finland, because my English is not very good. Kindly Mauri
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