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  1. I can recomened the cp compact. I use it with carport and it works seamlessly.
  2. Hi I did manage to do it thank you. I have activated green screen and folding mirrors. also today activated turning fog lights sweeping dials and Einparkhilfe Optische Darstellung ( MMI visual parking)
  3. I am trying to perform some basic adaptations to an Audi Q3. i would like access to the Hidden Green Screen so i can activate folding mirrors when locking vehicle. i understand that to access the green screen you need to "unlock" it. what i would like to know is, is adaptation straight forward with carport? i know how to do this task with vcds but not with carport. i know i need to access control module address 5F and change the new value to 1 from 0. but i don't know where to find this in carport any help accessing electronics 5F would be appreciated! :)
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