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  1. Is it possible to monitor the long and short term fuel trim values with the OBD2 module?
  2. So in my case I need two modules (K-line and CAN). That would be 60 euro in total. Correct? What do I need to pay if I afterwards decide to upgrade from a basic-module to a pro-module?
  3. By chance I found your website offering a very promising software for car diagnostics. I've read your german part of your forum. I can read and understand german but writing good german is a bit more difficult. I already downloaded the latest version and tested with my adapter: AGV4000exp rev. B with BIOS v1.3 For now I tested it on two cars. A Skoda Octavia (2000) and a Seat Ibiza (2010). The Skoda was only in K-line mode and the Seat was K-line and CAN. Unfortunately I was not able to clear fault codes. And in CAN-mode some lines were made unreadable stating it was not available
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