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  1. Hi, I am a little confused about this. From what I understand, If I purchase Basic Modules KKL+Can+OBD2, that I will NOT be able to perform adaption? If I then download the beta version, I WILL be able to perform adaption? If so, I notice the beta expires on February 27th. Does this mean I will then need to purchase another module to be able to perform adaption after this date, or will this be considered part of the "year of free updates"? Next question, Car--MK4 Bora/Jetta--If I replace the TCM (with a used TCM), does the replacement of this module need to be adapted (coded) to t
  2. 2 more pics. One pic shows the cable with usb adapter. The other....I just like my VW background :)
  3. Hello, I am posting this to inform any potential users that Carport 1.4 works perfectly with Windows 8.1. I am currently running the trial version of Carport on a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet, with VAG K-Can Commander 1.4. All functions (that work on the trial version) work, and can connect to diagnostics and read codes. Obviously I have not tried adaption (as it requires the paid version) but will test once I have purchased. To use with this particular tablet, you will need to purchase a micro-usb to usb adapter. Attached is a few pictures.
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