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When you connect to an ECU, just go to the "Adaptation"-tab and either choose the adaptation channel from the combo-box or enter the channel number manually (after entering the number press the enter key).


Then enter the new value and press the "Test"-button.


If the ECU accepts the new value, you can press the "Write test value" button, to permanently store the value in the ECU.

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I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


The VW instructions say "access authorisation" Select 015.01 - code 2

then enter code 11463

I have tried several different channels and entered the code 11463 but none seem to work


I have attached a copy of the VW instructions - for coding using there software.

I have also attached a screen dump of the channels Carport say I can use.

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Thanks Jens - I've just found your email :)


Coding2 (equals function 015.01 Code 2 in the VW instructions).

Coding2 is a login procedure where you have to enter a security number to lock/unlock certain functionality.



I understand now - you enter the adaptation code into where it says Login :) :)

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