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Idea - Help speed up scanning


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As a lot of people will be buying this software for personal use, it would helpfully to be able to save vehicle info / control units. So the first scan would scan all control units, but the second and subsequent scans would only scan control units that where found on the first scan (unless a full scan is requested). So scan times would be reduced.

I have a VW T5 van and about half of the control units it looks for dont apply - but it looks for them every time.


Another idea that would be helpfully is to be able to store scan info so you can investigate the results / faults without being connected to the vehicle. So you could do a scan and at a later point look at the results.

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Thanks for the ideas !


We have planned to optimize the measurement block scan and adaptation channel scan, so that the channels are not scanned again for the same ECU.


An "offline mode" where you can look at previous results is also interesting. For the time being i suggest you create a diagnostic report via the autoscan feature. This report contains all vital information of the ECUs.

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