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Fault Code Dates all wrong with VW e-up / Skoda Citigoe IV / Seat Mii


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I used CarPort Pro CAN to do a scan for faults on my Skoda Citigoe IV  and found that CarPort (just like VCDS) does not correctly decode the dates of the faults.


The Skoda Citigoe IV does not have a calendar in it's control units, therefore in the "standard ambient conditions" PID it simply keeps count of the days since it's first initialization (usually right after the production of the car).


The day (5 bits) and year (7 bits) are simply used together as an incremental daily counter, while the month bits are always set to 14 (bin 1110) as a flag to indicate this format.


So basically to get the date of the fault code you have to read the day counter value in the "standard ambient conditions" PID and then read the day counter in the fault code and subtract it from the first value. The resulting value then needs to be counted backwards from the current date.


It might sound complicated but once worked out it's straightforward.


See also this forum discussion where it was figured out:




It would be great if you could fix this in your otherwise excellent software so that I can see the correct dates of the faults.


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