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Secirity access code for airbag control module - eGolf (MK7)


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I have replaced the right front seatbelt with a used seat belt from a matching car.


Now i get error code  B130555 - Right front seat belt tensioner control module - not configured, ECU for Pretensioner right not configured.


According to RossTech i need to perform the following procedure:




Seat Belt Tensioner Control Module Reset


  • New Seat Belt Tensioner installed
  • Battery voltage no less than 12.4 V.
  • Seatbelt must NOT be plugged in.
  • No Component Protection, Control Module Faulty, Crash Data Stored, Control Module Not Coded or Igniter faults in the system.
    • Fault such as B1304 - Left front seat belt tensioner control module: Not configured and B1305 - Right front seat belt tensioner control module: Not configured are normal prior to the matching procedure.
    • Warning message on dash "Audi Pre Sense System Fault!" may be displayed when ignition is turned on.

[15 - Airbags]
[Security Access - 16]
Enter the Basic Settings Enabling (Belt Tensioners) code shown in the pop-up balloon to enable the basic setting.
[Do it!]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Select Left belt tensioner serial number -or- Right belt tensioner serial number depending on the new component(s).
When applicable type the single digit 0 into the (reserved) box. If this is not present skip this step.
[Go!] to activate the Basic Setting.
After the result of Finished Correctly appears click [Stop]
The reset has been performed.
If both belts were replaced repeat for the other side at this point
[Done, Go Back]
[Fault Codes - 02] Faults should NOT be stored
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]




This is all fine, but the problem is i don't have the security access code for the module! I also cannot find this anywhere online.

Can someone provide me with the code?


2016 e-Golf

Control module 15 - Airbags

    Airbag control module Partnumber: 5Q0 959 655 S

    Description: AirbagVW20    010 0870
    ASAM Dataset: EV_AirbaVW20SMEVW37X

Can anyone provide me with the relevant security access code so that i am able to perform basic setting for seat belt tensioners?

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I borrowed a VCDS system today and was able to obtain the codes from the VCDS software.

11091 = Basic settings Enabling Belt Tensioners

30475 = Basic settings Enabling Seat Occupied Recognition Control Module.


This thing about security access codes is a problem i have run into many times with CarPort. I find it to be an excellent piece of software compared to VCDS, but i'm totally stuck when i am not able to obtain the codes.


Does the dev-team have some plans to do something about this problem? 

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