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Hi, i have been wondering that i get this CarPort software, cause im pissed for the pirate VCDS cause it's not anymore licensed, even my laptop in garage doesnt have wlan/lan cards... anyway. Is there any big differences comparing to VCDS, does it have all the main features as VCDS, read fault codes, remove them, read all the same blocks/sensors, use output tests, adaptation and Throttle Body Alignment? What about updates? Is that 2.0 version ready now or do i have to wait more using beta? Do i have to pay again in 1 year for license? Or pay only if i want updates? My car is Audi A4 B6 -2002 2.0 96kw


Oh and does it work with blue cable which i got from ebay when i bought .409 version of VAG-COM?

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Sorry for the late reply.


The blue cable does work with CarPort. You can test it with the free edition. CarPort reads and clears fault codes and shows all available measuring blocks from all installed ECUs. For newer models you need an interface, that also supports the CAN-bus (e.g. K+CAN Commander 1.4). Advanced features like coding, adaptation, output test, etc. are planned for the pro modules, but can be currently tested/used with the corresponding basic basic module. The pro modules will cost 79,95€ each (KKL and CAN). An upgrade for the price difference of 50€ will be offered.


The license is not limited in time. Updates for 1 year are included. If you want to receive updates for another year, you can buy an update license for ~one third of the price of a regular license.

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Hi Administrator,


How do I obtain this update at one third of the price as mentioned in your post?


In June 2012 I purchased a one year license for Basic KKL and Basic CAN, as expected this expired so in July 2013 to get updates I purchased another license but for Basic CAN only this time.


If I had known about the update license I would have purchased this and more protocols if possible.


I like the software and the features you are working on but would like some assistance with your purchasing process.


I purchased the license with the email address as registered on this forum.



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