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Adaptation of airbag levels, Audi A6 alldrive 2000

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Yo -


I try to do this, but when I enter one of the corners I get "Not available" - I´m not able to set a new value, - also, if I try to "reset all learned values" I get ECU returned with an error" - do I use CarPort wrongly, or do I have  another issue?


Rebuilt compressor and reinstalled today, getting around 8 bar at the most, I can see the distances (clearing) on the different wheels changing and hear sounds from the suspensions at the same time, with ignition on ...


What should I do further to enlighten the problem for you Gurus? 


Grateful for any help - I love this car, need to have it sorted before taking it S-N of Norway this summer ..!


Yours, Erik






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