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Hi. In my V.W. CC 2009. The T.P.M.S system has an error and the light on dash comes on and it keeps coming up and flashing then solid.

Did a scan and it says communications error.


Checking online seems my batteries in the sensors inside the wheels have gone flat. Sensors need to be replaced.

I want to disable the T.P.M.S system until I can get new sensors..They are expensive.

In vag-com it is a simple matter of un-ticking a check box for T.P.M.S system.

In carport there is no such thing and I will need to change the coding for the T.P.M.S  ..

But I can find no info anywhere as to where to get this info.

Any help would be appreciated.

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OK I think I figured it out.

Do a full scan...

goto gateway...

select installed tab.

scroll down to find tpms.

(in mine there were 2 tpms systems...tpms 2 and tpms1

I believe they are the passive tpms 2 system using the abs

and the active system using sensors in the wheels.

I have the second one tpms 1 with sensors in the wheels.)

uncheck the check box for the tpms system you have.

then hit save

All done tpms is now removed.


Once I get the new sensors I will re-enable it.

Is good to turn off the light and disable the message etc, till you get it fixed.

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