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  1. Indeed it was because my other license wasn't in there for some reason. Pay no attention to me :) Everything is good lol.
  2. Hmm for some reason the KKL module wasn't activated so maybe that was why. Although one of the codes I was trying to clear said I needed the OBD module so I'm guessing I need to purchase that. I didn't realize I'd have to purchase all these modules though to get full functionality.
  3. I have the Pro KKL Module and Pro CAN Module and was trying to erase codes and it says I need the basic versions of the software for this? Is this for real? I have to buy the pro and basic to get full functionality?
  4. I have a 2007 Audi and a 2008, what canbus compatible USB dongle can I get in the US that will work on newer VAG Cars? Seems Carport won't ship theirs to me or something.
  5. I was just curious if this adapter will work with Carport? I already have it but can't seem to find any info on if anyone has used it lol.
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