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  1. Hi. My car is Golf IV 2002 1.6 16v benzin. I buy CarPort Pro-Module KKL and AutoDia K509 and i start wonder is it impossiple to adapt new egr with it at all...?? I try to do it after i change egr and its seems to be impossible. If it is not possible this is waste of money because egr is one of the week parts in vw-cars and with vdcs adaptation is easy and fast.
  2. Old topic but same issue like fellow Finn.. I purchase a Carport Pro-module kkl because i fix my cars myself as much as i can... But surprise...surprise... I cannot adapt my egr-valve with it... Kind of letdown from product.... :( Any advice what to do....? My car is Golf IV 2002 1.6 16v...
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