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Does CarPort require a network connetion during installation?


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I just tried to install the current free Carport version on a Windows 10 Home 64bit laptop but the installation always stalls at about 90% of the installation process.

Tried a few times, with and without the optional drivers and tried also English and German the result is always the same.

The laptop has enough free disk space (15 GB on the C drive where i try to install Carport).


Does it need an Internet connection during installation or what else could be stalling the installation?

My laptop is not connected to any network.


This screenshot shows the point where the installation stalls:


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Well, this is not an old computer, it's an entry level computer from 2018 and it has a SSD.

I don't think everybody uses a high-end PC for car diagnostics as there is normally no need for it, the OBD data transfer speed can be handled by any old computer.


Anyway it was just a suggestion to make the installation process more friendly, I don't mind to wait 40 minutes for the installation but the progressbar should not stall, that's confusing for the user.

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