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CarPort 1.0.8 released


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Version 1.0.8 includes following bugfixes and new features:


[ul][li]closing of the application was revised[/li][li]fix of communication problems with some bluetooth chipsets[/li][li]fix of login problems with some KWP2000 ECUs[/li][li]minor fixes in the KWP2000 implementation[/li][li]reliable detection of the mOByDic 3200 interface[/li][li]support of the automatic mode change feature of the AGV4000B[/li][li]support of OBD2 over PWM, VPW, CAN 11-bit and CAN 29-bit[/li][li]display of the OBD2 system status[/li][li]current drivers of the supported interfaces are now included in the installer[/li][/ul]

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By chance I found your website offering a very promising software for car diagnostics. I've read your german part of your forum. I can read and understand german but writing good german is a bit more difficult.


I already downloaded the latest version and tested with my adapter: AGV4000exp rev. B with BIOS v1.3


For now I tested it on two cars. A Skoda Octavia (2000) and a Seat Ibiza (2010). The Skoda was only in K-line mode and the Seat was K-line and CAN.

Unfortunately I was not able to clear fault codes. And in CAN-mode some lines were made unreadable stating it was not available in the free edition.

I will post more findings. This is it for now.


The free edition being so limited makes me very hesitant to buy a full-version. Priced version are not offered yet, right?

Also your price model is not very clear to me. Basic and Pro and additional differences within Basic and Pro.

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Priced versions are not offered yet. We plan to release the basic-modules very soon. the pro-modules will be available early 2012. An upgrade from the basic-modules to the pro-modules will be offered. The pro-modules include the complete functionality of the basic-modules.




basic-module OBD2 : 9,95€

basic-module VW K-Line: 29,95€

basic-module VW CAN : 29,95€


pro-module OBD2 : 49,95€

pro-module VW K-Line : 79,95€

pro-module VW CAN : 79,95€


functions of the basic-modules VW K-Line and CAN:

- all measurement-blocks

- data recording of measurements

- freeze-frame information

- printable diagnostic report

- clear errors


functions of the pro-modules VW K-Line and CAN:

- all functions of the basic-module

- adaptation

- coding

- login

- output tests

- basic settings


If there is anything unclear, please ask us.






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