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I am a little confused about this.  From what I understand, If I purchase Basic Modules KKL+Can+OBD2, that I will NOT be able to perform adaption?  If I then download the beta version, I WILL be able to perform adaption?  If so, I notice the beta expires on February 27th. Does this mean I will then need to purchase another module to be able to perform adaption after this date,  or will this be considered part of the "year of free updates"?


Next question,

Car--MK4 Bora/Jetta--If I replace the TCM (with a used TCM), does the replacement of this module need to be adapted (coded) to the car? Can this be done with the basic module, or only the beta version?


I don't like to copy info from a competitors site, but this is the only info I can find.


First, make sure there are no fault codes in the auto trans. Then, with the key in the on position, and the engine OFF, do not touch the accelerator pedal.


[02 Auto Trans]

[basic Settings-04]

Set Group to "000"


Press accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and count out loud for 3 seconds

[Done, Go Back]

Release the accelerator pedal

It is normal for there to be no explicit instructions or changes on the screen when you do the above procedure. The transmission controller does not provide any feedback that it has been successfully performed. For 09G transmissions, Basic Settings Group 001 is used, and the accelerator pedal is NOT touched.



I guess what I am trying to ask is this.  Can the above mentioned procedure be performed with CARPORT? Can it be performed with the current version (1.4) or only with the beta version?  Also, would the address information be the same between CARPORT and VCDS? (specifically, in CARPORT, under address [02 Auto Trans], where would I find [basic Settings-04]? I do not see anything like that in the trial version.




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Adaptation will be a feature of the upcoming Pro-Modules. Since the development took longer than expected, we decided to release a preview of the Pro-Modules ( the CarPort 2.0.0 beta versions). These beta versions are time limited. We will release beta versions until the Pro-Modules are ready. The next beta will expire at the end of april and can be activated with the activation code you already have. After the Pro-Modules are released, we will offer an upgrade from Basic to Pro for the price difference (50 Euro).


The functions coding and basic settings are also available in the beta version. Currently the protocols KWP1281 and KWP2000 are supported. UDS support for the Pro-Module functions will be available in the next beta version.


The procedure above can also be performed with CarPort with the exception of UDS ECUs (supported in next beta).


If you can't see the basic settings tab, make sure that you have activated the beta version. If the beta version is activated and you still have no basic settings tab, please give us the part number, so we can analyze the problem.

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I tried couple of times to do throttle body adaption to my 2008 Tiguan by following VCDS instructions. I cannot find such a options in Carport program.

I have Pro version. Are command named differently, or what. Can someone give me step by step Carport specific instructions how to do it.

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