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Cruise control activation translating VCDS instructions


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I bought Carport a while ago. I really like the software and the interface. To me, VCDS looks like something from the early nineties.


I have installed a cruise control stalk and I need to activate it on my 2001 Petrol Audi A2. I have instructions for VCDS, but I can't really find how to do it with Carport.


I know I need to use the beta version for this modification.


VCDS instructions says:

01-Engine, Login - 11, enter 11463 (or 14463 in some instructions), click Do it. Switch ignition off, Test.


Connecting to 01-Engine works fine. Providing the numer 11 at the login tab does not work. The number 11463 works in login, but is this nubmer really supposed to go here?

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