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2.0 requires reactivation-BS


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Look, if you are going to create an update to 2.0, you need to tell buyers like myself  that I will have to reactivate the software to use full version. I am not buying this again and I no longer even have the activation code. Your update really should automatically do this! I should not have to reactivate for an upgrade. Since I do not know my code, send me a new activation code. I bought this over a year ago, do you really think I will recall what the code is????


perry moore, USA

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I have a laptop with weak battery. When using Carport software the the battery suddenly shut down the laptop. I had to restart the computer. When  trying to use Carport again, It doesn't open up. A message says: "Carport is already running". (It is not possible to see it running)

I cannot start CarPort software. I have tried different ways to solve this . Reinstall etc. I had this problem before, then I installed an older version of CarPort and the older version worked.

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