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EGR Valve adaption..?

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I have downloaded the computer CarPort 2.0.0 beta.

I watched my car information.Volkswagen Golf 1.6 16V (AZD) Year model 2001.

How I can do adaption EGR valve.?

I have a KKL cable USB/OBD2.

The program that I downloaded CARPORT 2.0.0 beta indicate that the EGR is not supported ...?


What, therefore, the module ordering from you ..?

I'm writing from Finland, because my English is not very good.




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can you connect to your ECU using carport already?

I have read that you need to do a login with 12233 first before you can change that adaptation channel. But login and adaptation are only available if you buy the kkl version.

Besides that have heard from some users that they were not successful disabling EGR via diagnostics.

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Yes, I can get a connection to the car, but no fault codes, I can not remove this demo version.

I have bought a new car accessory part (EGR valve), and according to the manufacturer (Pierburg), this part must adapt.


Can this demo version in any way to say this valve operation ..?

I suspect that my car might be a wiring fault, or the ECU itself is




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  • 6 years later...

Old topic but same issue like fellow Finn..

I purchase a Carport Pro-module kkl because i fix my cars

myself as much as i can... But surprise...surprise... I cannot adapt my egr-valve with it...

Kind of letdown from product.... :(

Any advice what to do....?

My car is Golf IV 2002 1.6 16v...

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